Do people become hotter when you take them for granted or is it hindsight vision?

You have someone who adores you. They worship the ground you walk on; remember your birthday, are supportive of your moves, give you the best sex their body allows, they drop things for you, listen, cook, make sacrifices to please you; you know, everything to make your head to swell.

Then you cheat 🙄

With someone from work. Who happens to have a slightly bigger ass, or just cause she said during a night out that she has a nonexistent gag reflex and your horny-meter went out of control. Something as normal as a blow job got your brain short wired.

You hook up a few times, enough times to realize your girl is the best and the new girl doesn’t cut it. Unlike your girl, she doesn’t have good diction, isn’t sarcastic as hell, she doesn’t brushes her tongue, and guilts you into giving her money.

Yet you cheated!

And now you don’t know how to fix things; come clean, break your baby’s heart and hope she forgives you. Tell her you need to get tested again because you were so foolishly horny, you didn’t use protection, and that ‘new girl’ needs to check her calendar because her periods are late.

Should have used a condom!

She told you to take it off when she came home the second time. That time you lied to your girl that she couldn’t pass by because your cousins were home. And because there were no cousins, and it was just you and her naked body, it was easy to be stupid again.

Now your girl feels the tension. She can feel the battle in your head. To lie and hope she never finds out. Or to be honest and outrightly lose her. Because she explicitly said her deal breaker is cheating. Now you stand to lose her as a friend, on top of her being your girlfriend.

She got a birth control plan for you!

So you wouldn’t have to engage in coitus interruptus, and you’d enjoy sex more. Yet that didn’t stop you from downloading Tinder and flirting with everyone that doesn’t have a dick or a birthday below 1985 at work. Because you don’t have your libido in check.

It’ll ruin you!

You’re aware, that sexual irresponsibility is worse than a lot of other irresponsibilities. The time, the resources, the risks, the finances used to get someone naked isn’t worth it. Yet, here you are. Writing a long text, hating her bffs guts because she told her to leave your cheating, irresponsible self. You’re mad too, because that streak of childishness makes you think that she left because you don’t have money.

She’d have remained if I had money!

You pick your thoughts from the trash can, because it’s not true. She turned down wealthier, more good looking, funnier, more focused guys because she believed that you’d do something with your life. Be successful, make yourself happy, and it would make her happy.

Now it’ll end in tears. Because you refused to keep your dick in your pants.

Guys, don’t cheat. You’ll regret it, 100% of the time.

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