1522318166.banner.Infinite-potential-of-the-mind-The-mind-that-soars-776x620.jpg I am on a spot day. Probably the time in a month where I am an emotional wreck. Probably, should not be writing this blog post in real time. Usually, I write up something on word, or on my diary, let it sit out for a while, before daring to publish it in my mini word press space. But then again, I am on a nostalgic mood and just wish to put out what I may feel I shouldn’t have, later on.

I am a lover of love. More increasingly now that I walk with a patched heart. My walk through life is not filled with experience in the field, but what I have is enough to give me a few lessons. Dolly Paton sang once, “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” And today, I just love the part of my life , that has been rain and scars. They bring me tears of joy knowing they propelled me to the person I am today, and the people I cherish now.

Growth Becomes Mandatory and then Beautiful

Blooming from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly, is not as pretty as it looks. There is a lot of believing in yourself. Accepting the reality that your current situation is not as great as it is comfortable. Having faith that change would be for the better. And most importantly, understanding that better does not mean a petal field but  more hard work and better challenges for more valuable returns.

Channeling Positive Energy into your Life; it works like Magic

Mindset is everything. Rather than wallow in pity, why mes, I am not good enough, I suck, I am not beautiful enough, channel positive energy from wherever. I joined church, became an active member, poured my soul into something positive; serving the youth. I gave my friends more valuable time, took myself out, ate better; the list is endless. Before I knew it, I was glowing and radiating enough positive vibrancy, to transfer to others. My life is not perfect, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.

Building a Better Circle

I have a boss that I would definitely vouch as the best. I did not say perfect, but if ever I get to grow both in my personal and professional life, I would attribute her as a positive influence. I have amazing friends and our conversations are made up of “Congratulations on this and that; but you can now do more of this and that to be better than today. or Hapa Glow hujafanya poa, you could do this or that to make a better life choice. or Thank you for coming through the last time I needed you”.

Your circle determines the circumference of your growth and vision. The wrong people in your life, should help you see and understand what the right people look like.

Thank you for coming to my Talk.


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