I was looking for a picture on Google today. A black and white photo of a man walking away. His back to the world, walking towards what appears to be his happiness and peace.

I had it as my profile picture in 2013/14 and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. That trip didn’t happen because I didn’t find it and I felt conflicted for a while.

I’ve been unlearning things this whole year. About religion, about politics, about family, about life, about culture, about myself. I have seen weaknesses in myself that I didn’t know existed. I have struggled, angered at the truth, with just how far I am from being who I need to be.

I stared at the computer screen. Black and white images of men walking away staring back at me. I was torn between keeping at my search when I had important things needing my attention, or postponing and feeling like I had failed.

I have a bad history of procrastination. That means that nowadays, I do as much, as I can as soon as I can. That meant that I felt like abandoning the picture search felt wrong, while on the other hand, I needed things to get accomplished.

I ended up postponing the search, and I learnt a valuable lesson ; I don’t need to bend over backwards to stick to rules I’ve made IF they will only be detrimental.

Like if you have decided no TV past 9 o’clock and you have a beneficial interview to watch, don’t trash it to keep a rule. If you are on a savings plan and you find a really good deal, then it won’t make sense to keep the savings rule and miss a good deal.

I am glad that I am unlearning things, and relearning things willfully. That millions of other people are making choices that will make them better people. That sacrifices are being done.

I will find the picture when I have enough time. I am glad my errands got done and I learnt something.

What are you unlearning? What do you need to unlearn?

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