The matatu operation really did a number on me today. 😒 made people late for work and had me paying fares that I wasn’t used to paying 😭😭

I got to the stage and the fare was a lot more than I usually pay 😮. I thought the conductor was being greedy 🤩, and I decided to join the crowd of people looking at him dejectedly as he called out the fare 😔. After a while, I decided that 50/= wasn’t worth getting late for and I took a matatu.

Midway through the ride, someone tapped my shoulder, an indication that my fare was due 💰. I was wearing my brown kaki pants today, they have shallow back pockets so I use my front pockets for storage.

I dipped my hand into my pocket. NOTHING 😳

I relaxed, it was one pocket, I had another to check. 😏

I dipped my hand in.

At this point the tapping has turned to grabbing. 😡 “kijana unataka kuitishwa fare mara ngapi??

I ask him for his M-Pesa number. Say I’ve lost my money but I will pay him via mobile money. 😒 He snickers, showing teeth that have chewed too much miraa but haven’t been brushed enough.

“Nyinyi tumezoea, 😒😒 mnatuma alafu mnareverse, sijazaliwa leo, haiya! ni utoe pesa ama ikue mbaya 😡😡”

At this point, I’m preparing to fight 😭😭. Cause I can’t seem to find any money and Mr. Extortionist here looks ready to get his money by all means necessary.

I turn around and look at my fellow passengers. The men are on their phones, acting like it’s not about to go down if I don’t raise money. If I was a girl, I’d have had someone offer to pay my fare 😭😭 but my brothers in the matatu are abandoning me at my hour of need.

It almost went down 😭😭

The girls looks seem to ask, “sasa wewe, na vile umevaa nguo za mapesa ata mtu anaeza dhania ni Uber imecancel, na ata matatu huwezi lipa” I couldn’t even ask for no favours 😟😟

I prepare for my impending fight, listening to the conductor make derogatory remarks about light skin people and them being all style, no substance 😭😭 knowing I can’t talk back lest I get the smoke right there in the vehicle. 😒😒

I was putting my phone away in my back pack to prepare for my match, when I asked to sell credit to my neighbour. Luckily, he agreed and even if he paid 70 for a 100 bob credit. I got out of a fight 😎😎.

Needless to say, the ride to my stop was awkward. It was a silent matatu, the conductor having no reason to keep talking trash, and I not knowing whether to rub it in his face or be the bigger man and let it go. Where’s music when you need it??? 😒😒😒

From today going forward. I’m keeping a spare 200 bob, hidden in 50/= denominations, in different pockets of my bag 😬😬 Also the world belong to askers. Also, I need to bulk up, because as I currently weigh, I don’t want any smoke 😌😌😂😂

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