My good friend Michelle did this. She writes just as well as she makes knotted handicrafts. Check out @free2bm3creations on Instagram for her work. Enjoy!

You didn’t see her hold for days, the fruit bowl empty in her barren hands with her pit growling like a bear;
Lips so thirsty for the tantalising taste of love,
Body craving the embracing warmth of joy,
Mind seething for the wonders of peace and patience,
Soul yearning for the beauty of kindness and goodness,
Heart desiring His faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Crying like a baby,
Weak and down on her knees,
As if the whole vast galaxy was dangling in her sinewy shoulders,
Praying like crazy.
For she knocked on that door -but doubting from time-knowing it would be answered.
Silver and gold she had none,
“Come buy wine and milk without money and without price” is what He reassured her,
For He had food which she knew not of.

You didn’t see the stones thrown at her,
The same stones that the builders rejected,
More than enough to put a roof over her head.
Sweating profusely, weeping not to divert from her purpose
For there is nothing as dangerous as a two edge sword.

You didn’t see her jump as David jumped,
With the knowledge that reality will be hers if she walked in His gates with thanksgiving in her heart.

You didn’t see her love her ‘neighbor’ more than she did herself
Getting lost in this stormy night of greed, anguish and pain
Right before the storm was calmed as she regained balance in faith, hope and greatest of all, love.

You didn’t see her being smoldered by patience,
As she felt time walking out on her.
But all her anguish bore a sweet bounty as
She walks by faith and disregards sight,
For her faith in believing that which she does not yet see,
Rewarded her in seeing that which she believed.

Chante_ze_weirdo™ ©2018

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