I sat down with Denis, (with only one n :D) Mbau, a communications consultant, and this is what our conversation was like

How would you introduce yourself to people that only see you on Instagram?

Hey, I am Denis, a very serious person out there trying to create a name for himself…(Though I know they would probably not believe me, 😭 haha)

Copywriting is often referred to as a lost art, and the amount of quality copy is constantly reducing. How do you keep your readers coming back for your content?

Writing as you said is an art, it is a form of expression. I don’t see writing as a job, I see it as me expressing my thoughts. Most of my writing is on free platforms. I think the art started dying when people saw it as a way of earning a living. I think money is as a byproduct of being a writer…

A lot of people like to read, and there is a resurgence of people wanting to write, and platforms like WordPress have made it easier. What would you tell people stuck in a 9-5, but have creative pieces stuck in their heads?

My advice is write anywhere ,anytime 📝. Creative juices can come, even when you are in a toilet. You need to harness that moment and note down the words. As much as so many articles or work will never be published, being a constant writer at any time will keep you going. With technology, you can even write notes on your phone or do drafts on WordPress which can be downloaded on your phone.

You are an avid football fan, and your favourite football team, Manchester United, is currently on a rough patch, which must be frustrating to watch. How do you pick yourself up when the creativity in your head just won’t flow into your Word Document?

Hahahaha! Good one. I love football. I would say, I cure my writers’ block by reading other people’s works and stepping out into a different environment than the one I was writing in. A different location, even a walk down the street outside your home, puts you in a frame of mind that enables you to think different.

You currently signed up for your Masters Degree. How important is academia in regards content creation, as opposed to say raw talent?

I think we have to differentiate between content creation and writing. I believe writing is the art, content is the ‘thing’ expressed in the art. More education means more content or ideas that provoke new ways of communicating phenomena 🤓

A lot of people think writers have the best jobs in the world, travelling, inspiring songs, movies and general discourse and torturing people with twisted plots. What do you think is the most challenging bit about being a writer and content creator?

That’s a tuff one, If I had money, I would travel more and interact with cultures inorder to create more content. The most challenging part is the pressure to keep on writing good work. Sometimes a client will tell you ” I want better than last time’ and this just paralyses you because sometimes better cannot be defined. 🤔

What’s your go-to activity when you need inspiration?

I watch Les brown and TD Jakes videos on Youtube. 👀💻

What’s the most beautiful place that you have been exposed to thanks to your skill?

Lodwar and the wider Turkana County. I fell in love with the views 😍 and it was a moment of reflection on how blessed I am. There are people in remote areas , lacking basic needs but are happy to just be alive .

You drive a manual, a rarity in this days, it’s even joked that it’s an anti-theft device due to the few people that drive stick 😎. What rare skill is needed if one is to be a successful content creator?

(Haha) .I love stick shifts. Other than being anti theft, you don’t have many people coming to borrow. 😂😂 they also give you control over the power and that is what gives you the thrill. I think a lot of patience is needed to be successful. Patience to learn. Patience to keep refining an idea until it becomes diamond. Patience to come back after rejection. You also need to be a great reader since books are one of the top sources of content. These days very few people read, so its great to be different. Another one is being intuitive on what content suits what audience. This will save you time since articles not well thought out will most probably be rejected.

Lastly, pineapple on pizza. Yes or no?

Nah, it should simply be meat and cheese on bread! 🙄😳

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