Karuga : What makes you the happiest about baking? 😎

Smiles : Putting smiles on people’s faces 😊😃. I mean just the joy that people have on seeing their cake and digging into it. It’s just priceless. All the love I receive makes it all worth it.

Karuga : What happened to the proceeds of your first sale? 💰

Rosie : I think I bought baking equipment with it. Can’t quite remember as that was 3 years ago. 🤔

Karuga : What flavour do you think personifies you and why ? 🤓

Smiles : I’d have to go with Lemon. Just love the balance of sweet and sour on the palate. It’s that kind of cake that makes you yearn for me because of what it does to your taste buds.. And the aroma, oooh my.. The best 😍

Karuga : Seeing as you make amazing cakes. How much do Kenyans appreciate quality patisseries? 😉🤑

Smiles : Most Kenyans definitely appreciate quality pâtisserie but the problem comes in at the point of having to pay for the good quality. Basically like going to a Louis Vuitton shoe store with 200 shillings. It just doesn’t work. I guess it’s just a bad culture that most people have. 😶

Karuga : If you could bake Jesus a Christmas (birthday) cake, what would it be and why?

Smiles : I don’t think there’s any cake that would be worthy to be made for such a great man. But probably I’d go for an aged fruit cake. The developed flavours are just out of this world.

Karuga : If you were to bake a cake for someone, departed or alive, who would it be and why? ♥️

Smiles : It would be Cindy, she passed away recently 😢.. She’s one of the sweetest, kindest and down to earth persons I know and I still can’t believe she’s gone. She deserved a cake and all the best in this world. But she’s in a better place now

Karuga : How much cake do you eat? 🍰

Smiles : I rarely eat cake. Maybe a taste once in a while.. Unless it’s been made by someone else other than myself 😁

Karuga : What’s the biggest misconception about baking?

Smiles : Kukoroga tu unga na mayai.. Like seriously.. There’s so much work that goes into making cakes. It takes a lot of time and effort and creativity. Once you get to experience it is when you get to really know..

Karuga : If you could add an ingredient of your choice to a cake, 🌿😉, what would it be?

Smiles : Wewe wacha zako 🤣
An extra dose of love 💯

* I was kind of disappointed that pineapple puree didn’t make the cut 😑 *

Karuga : What’s the one quality, if you had to pick one, that has brought you here? 

Smiles : Love. I honestly just love people and want the best for them. I always strive to go two extra miles for all my clients. And I do it with love because that’s God’s desire for me and it blesses people which is really my aim😊

Yummy right? 😋

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