Have you ever not wanted to hear someone’s good news? Like wish they didn’t send you that text saying they are going abroad for their masters, or that pic of the certificate that legalises and starts monetising their hobby, or that picture of the new car they paid cold, hard cash for.

Not that you’re jealous, or have a black heart, but because juxtaposed, their good news makes you see how much bad news you have in your life. How your phone is falling apart, and your fears about the future are in mint condition, how your loan payments are irregular, and your bland, meat-less stews are consistent. That your life is everything theirs is not.

Misery loves company, and when you’re going through bad news, sometimes you don’t want to hear that something good is happening to someone else and not you. Makes you feel like all the effort you’re putting in is for no reason. Waking up earlier than you did yesterday, working on your craft every day, installing discipline apps on your phone, and it all looks futile.

I saw a post on Instagram that talked about perseverance. That you might put in work for four years, with no results, and on the fifth year, boom! Things look up and from outside looking in, you’re an overnight success, few people seeing the behind-the-scenes work that went into the ‘rapid’ route to success.

But perseverance is hard, it’s expensive, it’s frustrating. Working on your craft means starving other activities in your life off time, it means making sacrifices to afford things you need to make your dream work, it means emotional tolls, asking yourself whether all these is worth it, or you’ll end up aged and regretting, your youth spent on chasing fleeing dreams.

I think it is dependent on how much you want what your heart longs for. (why am I sounding like a poet that charges exorbitantly by the minutes, ‘longing for’ :D). Most times we are, in other people’s success, the ones who think that success was overnight, and not the result of dead relationships, and living sacrifices. If something excites you, makes you zone out during the day, and keeps you awake, then you should pursue it, (unless it’s alcohol, sex or opioids, that’s an addiction and you should seek help) and pursue it relentlessly.

You want good things for your friends, just want some for yourself as well

When I started this blog, I wrote using an old Nokia E63, and my doubt was bigger than the word count in my posts, and now I get paid to write. I don’t make millions, or hundreds of thousands, but it excites me, when the WordPress app on my phones says that someone liked a post, commented, or followed my work. It makes things worth it. I’m far from where I want to end up, but I’m on my way. Start baking, develop that app today, draw that art today, learn that instrument. Slowly, you’ll have small wins, and other people’s wins won’t make you wish they were sailing in the same boat with you.