I like to cycle. It makes me happy, so happy I cycle literally every day, (except Saturdays when I sleep in and go nowhere).

Thankfully, I live close to where I work and the bike helps when I oversleep, or when I forget something at home and I can go get it at lunch break.

My bike is blue, and it’s a good brand, and that pleases me. I also have a blue bell that I never use because I usually avoid people on footpaths, and cycle on the road with cars. That means I can cycle faster than on a footpath, but it also means the risk of accidents is higher, and I have to check my speed and wear a helmet. I hope my calves are getting bigger, because I’m definitely eating a lot nowadays, and my friends think it’s because of the bike, I’ve done it for three months now. I don’t have a full-length mirror but I’ll start paying more attention to my gains.

Riding my bike, I pass people easily, like they aren’t even moving, swells my head a bit, makes me want to sign up for races, until a car passes me and it’s like all my huffing and puffing is for naught. Sometimes I overthink on my bike, and my thoughts wonder away, and I completely switch off, and it’s shocking I’ve never ended up on a ditch. I think about the people I pass, and the ones that pass me.

Sometimes I leave people at the stage, waiting for the fare to go down a notch. A ten bob notch. A coin some people don’t even attach value to any more. Many people wait at the stage, and it sucks I can’t carry anyone on my bike, I would if I could. More people walk though, they probably don’t even have money to ‘waste’ on buses, and they have to walk home. Long distances. My thighs have a dull ache when I cycle for long, and I know they get home with sore feet, and sore feet hurt.

On the road, people pass me in all sorts of cars. Fancy ones, decrepit ones, new ones, ancient ones, borrowed ones, personal ones, government ones, Uber ones. I notice small things, (can’t pay too much attention cause I don’t want to be bulldozed off the road). I notice agitated passengers running late, I see mothers playing with their babies , ‘oooing’ and ‘aaaing’ as they wait for lights to turn green, I see nervous drivers (and give them way :D), probably fresh from driving school. The people in cars probably look at me the way I look at the people at the stage, wonder how bad things are that I have to use a bike to get around.

Bluey 😍

I like the bike though. It genuinely makes me happy. I bought it with money I made from writing, and it was quite pricey so I must have quality art, (or maybe I met filthy rich clients :D). The transport issue in Nairobi needs to be sorted, people’s health and productivity is compromised when hours cramped in traffic and walking insanely long distances are a result of years of neglect to the road and transport network.

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