I’m looking at my laptop’s background image. It’s a guy swimming in the deep blue sea. It’s a good thing the sea is blue, it’s my favourite colour and it makes me happy. I don’t know if the guy in the picture is happy, he’s looking away, wearing those flippers on his feet, those that aid in aquatic mobility.

There’s light coming down from the sky. It streams in from all directions, evidence of bright, clear skies. The bubbles the man makes from his feet are in contrast to the undisturbed places the man’s feet haven’t been to. He’s wearing a black or navy blue short, to aid with speed I presume, long, heavy pants impede motion. He carries no camera or any device that would be used to record or document activities, so I assume he swims, no dives, for leisure.

There are no sea weeds, algae or aquatic life around him, which I take to be not-so-deep waters, or those bays that make beautiful postcards. Just unending acres, (can I use that term with water bodies? ), of bluer-than-blue waters. Like he didn’t just find himself here, he chose to be here, this beautiful body of blue water.

The water looks cold, like the rays of sunshine are for aesthetic value only, and they didn’t properly heat the water. But it looks cool, like you’d only need to soak in the sun to get your warmth back. As opposed to those brutally-cold waters in the North Pole that would give you frostbite, hypothermia and mess with your bodies central heating. This would be a good advert for a hotel in the coast. People would stick the image near their desks and look at it everyday, make a fund so they can travel there when their leave comes.

The water looks safe. Inviting. Even for people who can’t swim like me. Like we’d strap oxygen tanks and we’d be alright. Like we’d make our own image, except ours wouldn’t be as graceful, we’d look like we’re struggling to propel ourselves and nobody would use the image to sell their hotel, because people would want to call the coast guard to save the near-drowning diver as opposed to start a fund and afford to come here.

I described the picture on my laptop because I can’t sleep. It’s 11:18 p.m and I can’t seem to find sleep. The president won a divisive re-run today, and the country is polarized. The last year has been spent politicking, and there are concerns of flare-ups, people have lost lives over this elections, and many are ready to give theirs up, going by social media. The existing (incoming?) government has proved unable to deal with the challenges this country faces as it attempts to make steps in the first-world country status direction. There are valid concerns about the ability of the opposition even if they were to get the reins of power, that among their ranks are individuals so tainted by graft and ineptitude that the word ‘change’ loses meaning. Crossroads. Stick with what you have, or take a bold risk?

The man in my background seems unbothered. Like he came here to avoid politics. Taxation. Inflation. High fuel prices. 140 character limits on twitter. Falling rhino numbers. Unanswered messages. Maybe I need a swim. In a blue cove, uninterrupted, only bothered by L.H.K.N, my photographer, as she makes magic with that water-proof camera of hers.


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