I don’t know what they call the rubber thing on your earphone that goes into your ear. All I know is that I lost it today, and it was frustrating. You know how you try to retrace your steps and see where you might have dropped it? I tried it, but it didn’t work, and I really wanted to listen to music, so I was really irritated by that and the queue at Madaraka Estate’s Huduma Centre. I had gone there to file nil on my KRA tax returns so that I don’t get into problems with the taxman when the June 30th deadline is with us.


Madaraka’s Huduma Centre is located along Jogoo Road, in Nairobi’s Eastlands area, at a stop called Hamza. The population of Eastlands has grown tremendously  over the last decade, and the queues that snake around the ancient buildings are proof of that.  There I was, my battery reminding me that I forgot to charge it yesterday, and my earphones missing the stopper thing, and so I was mad as hell. I saw something that made me smile though, there was a guy in a grey khaki coat, he looked agitated, like he was supposed to be somewhere else, and the slow movement of the queue was keeping him away from something important. His phone had the screensaver of a smiling young woman that I presume is his girl, and after a while he kept looking at it and smiling. That made me so happy, that even if I don’t know the guy, he was doing his part to make his lady feel special, and most importantly, that he looked happy doing it.


The queue didn’t move for about thirty minutes, and so my friend and I decided to go later, we had walked there, from Umoja’s market to Madaraka. It was an interesting walk for me, I’ve not been to this part of Eastlands since high school, about eight years ago, when I’d come here to chew khat and drink hard liquor on Sunday nights and sleep during the consequent Monday’s classes. I’d not been to Camp Toyoyo, the football pitch until today, and it was so impressive to see it up close for myself. The quality is good, and even the changing rooms, look really well done, and I honestly hope more politicos see how easy it is to give the masses quality development instead of stuffing their pockets. Walking through those suburbs also makes you wonder what successive governments did after the initial estates were done, because the slums we have now are because there was a gap, neglected by government, to be filled in regards housing


There was a time in the queue when my battery read 4% but I didn’t care, I had to listen to my new favourite song, ‘No longer slaves’ by Jonathan David & Melissa Helser. Gospel music has never had a folder in my phone, but lately, I’ve been listening to it on repeat, sometimes there is a space in your heart that only music that reminds you that you are God’s son/daughter, can fill.



I haven’t found the rubber thing, and it’s frustrating, but I got to walk around with my friend, see Eastlands and watch my battery die as I listened to my favourite song, and it’s a lot more liberating than it sounds.

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