I was irritated when it went off.

Whatsapp i mean, when the two ticks didnt show, and i was texting my friend in mother tongue. Its so fun to text in a language that you have to spellcheck and put umlauts and stuff on.

I was sitted with my grandma, and she was bruising potatoes for stew. My stomach was in really bad pain, and in between trying to text in Luo about how i needed to deworm, and listening to my grandma tell me how her day was, the two ticks failed to show. Normally, i just do something else and wait for Safaricom to sort itself out, but today, it just wasnt cutting, and when i saw the updates cussing Mark Zuckerberg, i knew it wasnt me alone.

So, i turned to my grandma, and while sipping warm water and rubbing the ache away, it hit me that i didn’t even know what her day was like, and she was right next to me. I, however, knew what someone probably 500Km away, was having for dinner, thanks to instant messaging. So i listened, and we laughed, my grandma is really funny, and i thank God that i can speak Kikuyu, and speak it well, because there are so many things me and my grandma talked about today. She had a funeral upcountry, and she brought back stuff, you know, bananas and fresh milk and stuff. She didnt bring chicken though, i have missed cooking, and eating, chicken, but i digress. Point is, we had fun, me and Margaret, thats my grandma’z name, we talked about how i should visit Murang’a soon so her sisters can feign surprise at how tall i have become, how i should be married by now, how she prays i get a job, (that touched me btw, i almost cried, but you know me, hehe, real o.g), and i buy a car, and build a house with a picket fence, and a garden i will plant sukuma wiki in. Oooh, and i put for her her favourite radio station on speed dial, she likes the radio. That, and bruising potatoes, though i have to admit the stew was really good, 🙂

As i left, no two ticks on my whatsapp, i realised that things happen for a reason, and that God didnt mean for us to go on a cussing spree at Mark Zuckerberg, or to download Wechat, he probably meant for you to realise you spend soo much time forwarding messages, sending pictures, making voicenotes to other people, you dont even know who you live with, or love, anymore.

Maybe that blackout, with your batt at 30% is an opportunity to know how your mum is doing, maybe that roadtrip to upcountry is a chance to know what your dad was like as a teen. Most times we cuss, (and look stupid while at it) at things that dont even add value to our lives, while we ignore, what is closest to home.

The two ticks will come back, and life will go on. I however think, from now one, as i take my ENO, and hope this stomach ache goes away, that God will help me realise that the people i say “mhm”, and “yeahp” to, as i send smileys, and long texts, are who is should invest all my stock, cash, time, love and resources in.

Wabironenore, (see you later)

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