I took my shirt to the tailor yesterday, it was too baggy, and i needed it cut to size. I got to the tailor’s shop, and through the radio blaring tunes in vernacular, i could hear him laughing. Interesting because he is always the picture of indifference when everyone is heated up in politics, local gossip or just soccer banter. A woman had brough her husband’s torn trousers, and added, rather sarcastically, that the tailor should repair the zipper, as her husband, a well-known philanderer, blamed his woes on the faulty convenience.

It got me thinking of our society and how, generally, we most always find a scapegoat for our shortcomings, in place of solutions. The husband with a fire blazing in his loins most probably blames his wandering hands, and the fact that there are so many women, and such little time, never mind the long line of jilted lovers.

Mr my-love-is-too-much-for-one-woman perhaps best epitomizes our society, where, no matter how big, small, consequential, trivial, flimsy or outright stupid, we love our excuses.

We blame KNEC and exam leakages, and not our inability to plan our time, whenever our grades aren’t what we expect. We blame our househelps bad manners for pinching houselold commodities, and not the pittance wa pay them. We blame traffic cops for putting cash before the badge, but we are the same people that flout traffic rules at will because subversion of justice is a banknote away. We blame greedy politcians, whom we voted for to spite ‘hao watu’,(whoever hao watu is),whenever we have to take milk and chapati off our menu, because the leaders we voted for raised VAT to cater for their huge salaries. We blame government for not eproviding basic commodities, but we have kids we can not afford because we need to be many and outnumber ‘hao watu'(whoever hao watu are), then we blame GoK and USAID for our woes.

I could bore you to death with examples, but the point is, unless we start owning up, start being patient in traffic, studying because thats what required of us, having kids we can sustain, voting with our brains,and not with euphoria, we will continue blaming faulty zippers for our inability to be faithful.

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